Apartment Buildings

Finding a quality commercial cleaning company to service your common areas and turnovers at your apartment building – within budget – might seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. The key is to keep the lines of communication wide open. When situations change or cleaning services need to be done fast, talk with JaniService to find a solution. We will customize a cleaning schedule based on your apartment complex, business needs and budget to help maintain a positive image in the competitive property rental market.



Keep tenants happy


Limit tenant complaints with high quality commercial cleaning services. Keep tenants happy with consistently clean lobbies, restrooms and meeting rooms. Your customized Service Plan can accommodate your occupancy, business and budget while remaining flexible to your changing needs. Maintain a positive environment for tenants while keeping day-to-day operations running smoothly.



Get issues fixed fast


Fast response time is an essential and important benefit of a high quality commercial cleaning company. As your local business, JaniService will use an onsite log book, phone, email, visits or other way to communicate with you. Great communication, satisfaction and exceptional customer service can give you and your staff time to focus on keeping the property in top condition.


Extend life of carpets and floors


Manage maintenance costs with carpet and floor care. Some facilities need Special Cleaning Services to extend the life of carpets and floors and improve the appearance of restrooms, kitchens and event rooms. Strip and refinish can extend the life of your hard floors and help them look clean and attractive. Commercial carpet cleaning freshens and protects fibers from deeply embedded dirt.