Assisted Living Centers


Retirement Homes and Assisted Living Centers require staunch care to maintain accreditation as well as family satisfaction.  When a family first tours your establishment to see if it might me the right environment for their loved one, they need to see and feel the beauty and security that you provide.  First impressions are the most important factors when a family is in a stressful situation. An aging loved one may need round the clock care or perhaps they are maintaining independent living, but your community is going to perhaps be their new home.

Although on site custodial personal work around the clock to maintain the homes of senior citizens, often common areas need a powerful team to perform a deep clean. JaniService has the machinery to perform such daunting tasks. Media rooms, dining halls and salon service stations can all be addressed. Office staff and on site nurses work stations must also be maintained. A retirement home or assisted living center is in and of itself a city within a city. We understand that you have lives and work intertwined.

On a day to day basis things change. You may have a resident that needs emergency medical care where everything from the front door and all corridors to the resident’s room require care. You may have a centralized need inside a person’s residence where a pet has created a problem odor. JaniService can address the catastrophic to mundane.  We understand that your job is to maintain healthy lives for those who put their trust in your hands and we are here for you.

• Handrails Sanitization

• Wheelchair Accessible ramps cleaned and cleared

• Elevator and Stairs Detailed 

• Chair Rails Maintained

• Upholstery Arms and Headrests / seating sanitation

• Common Areas and High Traffic Areas   

• Work stations for nursing and physical therapy staff

• Office surfaces cleaned