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Reliable Construction Site Clean-up.

After a facility’s construction, the next step is to make sure that its final presentation is clean and beautiful. We will customize a service contract for you that will include both initial clean-up and an on-going maintenance and janitorial plan.

Our construction site clean-up plans include but are not limited to: stripping and waxing VCT; refuse removal; dust removal; vacuuming; polishing fixtures; and cleaning all doors, all door frames, all baseboards, ceramic tiles, carpets and windows.

JaniService Inc.offers on-site proposals. Our services include polishing of fixtures, doors and door frames. Windows inside and out, baseboards, hard surface floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, pressure washing and more.

Three (3) Phase Cleaning

Rough Clean Phase

Final-Clean Phase

Touch-Up Phase


Prior to the presentation of any service proposal, each client is interviewed, assessed and researched extensively. This exploratory process provides us with a unique understanding of the values, expectations and needs of each customer. Our first and most important goal is to TRULY UNDERSTAND our client’s needs and values prior to proposing any solution.

JaniService is built on a history of trust, integrity, execution, and quality. 

We are confident that the results are superior because so much time is invested in preparation.

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