Financial Institutions

Unique business niches require individualized attention to detail.  JaniService recognizes and respects your industry standards. Banks, Credit Unions and Lending Institutions need to instill trust in their clients.  When a customer first parks and enters your building, they need to feel that they are in an atmosphere of quiet confidence.  Whether they arrive at your service counter or perhaps rest in your waiting area for a customer support representative, they need to feel that they are in a place of integrity with the highest standards.  Your customers are putting their financial security in your hands.


JaniService is committed to every detail and we can customize our cleaning services to meet your financial institution needs. Essentials such as vacuuming under work station, attending to rest rooms and break areas are standard, but we can also address windows, wood paneling and help desks, processing stations and drive through stalls so that your customers will see and feel your  high standards. JaniService understands that people do business with people that they trust. We work diligently to represent you to your complete satisfaction.