Religious Facilities Cleaning Services

Your worship center is more than a building. It’s a gathering place - a place of refuge and celebration and an active part of the community.

You need a janitorial service provider who understands and treats your building with a level of service and flexibility you and your members expect.


JaniService Inc has the expertise in handling the janitorial cleaning needs of churches from cleaning the pews, the sanctuary, the children's areas, and after events, to more general concerns about the overall facility cleanliness. The specialized equipment and the programs of JaniService provide you confidence that the services meet your expectations.



Create a positive impression

Dirty restrooms and bad odors can create a negative impression with your members and visitors. Correct use of disinfectants and cleaning techniques can make the difference. JaniService provides extra special attention to hot spots where dirt collects and germs thrive, such as sink areas, behind toilets and urinals, stall doors and walls, hardware, baseboards and floors.


Save your in-house staff's energy

Maintaining a thorough cleaning schedule can place extra burden on in-house staff or member volunteers, especially if your facility hosts special events, gatherings and other occasions that require extra clean-up. The same two people or small group can become weary from the upkeep. Give them a rest by outsourcing a cleaning program that respects your needs and budget.


Institute healthy cleaning

Providing hand sanitizer is one way that churches and religious facilities are helping slow the spread of illness. Your commercial cleaning service can also help boost your focus on health and wellness. We remove the maximum amount of dirt and germs which makes every facility benefits from a cleaner, healthier cleaning program.