Improve your view with professional window cleaning services

Indoor and outdoor window cleaning should be done twice a year, or more often in climates and environments where windows are exposed to salt, road pollution, weather residue or excess soil. Window cleaning is competitively priced based on the number of window panels (square footage) to be cleaned.


Commercial window cleaning up to 60 feet

Clean exterior windows improve the curb appeal of your office or facility, creating a positive impression on visitors, customers, employees and passersby. JaniService uses advanced commercial window cleaning tools, such as a water-fed pole system, to clean exterior windows and window frames up to 60 feet from the ground. Because ionized purified water is used, the process is eco-friendly to shrubbery and building façade, leaving a deionized surface that helps keep soil from re-attaching to windows. Pricing typically increases for cleaning exterior windows above the first floor, as does the degree of difficulty and equipment requirements.


Regular indoor window and glass cleaning

Many customers request regular indoor window and glass cleaning as part of their service plan to consistently remove smudges, streaks and soil. Other customers who use JaniService Exterior Window Cleaning want their interior windows cleaned at the same time because every window has 2 sides that need to look clean! Whether you are a current customer or just need indoor window cleaning, contact JaniService to get interior window and glass cleaning as a special service on a periodic basis, such as quarterly, or in preparation for an event that requires your windows to look sparkling clean.